3 Important Reasons To Stay Hydrated


We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day, although so many of us struggle staying on top of it! From my own personal experience, after feeling tired and sluggish when it came to the end of the day, I knew a few changes needed to be made.
Let’s challenge ourselves to drink at least four bottles of water a day and before we know it this practice will be integrated into our everyday routine. For even more motivation check out all the facts below on how staying hydrated can be amazing for so many difference areas of your health.


Clearer Skin

Drinking enough water helps your body flush out toxins that make their way to your skin, leading to shorter and fewer breakouts. Water also helps hydrate your skin sells which gives you a healthy glow and reduces the signs of ageing - Someone hand us our water bottle please!

Let’s detoxify our digestive systems and flush out those toxins! Over time your digestive tract can become bogged down, leading to bloating and can have an impact on your overall energy levels. When you're drinking plenty of water your body is flushing away the build up of these toxins and regulating your digestion. 
Better focus and Muscle Regeneration
Depriving your brain of water can lead to painful headaches and decreases focus and function. Drinking enough water gives your brain the fuel it needs to work properly, which in turn allows you to focus better, for longer. Hydration gives your cells the nourishment to keep your body moving so by staying on top of your daily intake that means no more sore and aching muscles! An easy way to raise your water intake it to make an effort to drink 2 glasses of water before having that morning cup of coffee!